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Latest Headlines

Researchers turn cancer cells dormant with toxic drug analogs

What if, instead of killing cancer cells, you could make them dormant? Making analogs of a highly toxic cell killer, pactamycin, investigators at Oregon State University say they have done just that. And while they're still working on a targeted delivery vehicle needed to make it safe, they add that this new approach has the potential for becoming a new class of cancer therapy that would be far "gentler" than the chemotherapies used today.

Broad Institute gets $10M to study genetics of cancer drug resistance

MIT and Harvard's collaborative Broad Institute just received a $10 million gift from the Gerstner Family Foundation to conduct research into cancer-resistant drugs using gene-editing technology and blood-based tumor biopsies.

Researchers show Adaptive's next-gen sequencing tech can diagnose recurrent Hodgkin lymphoma

Adaptive Biotechnologies highlighted a study which found that its next-generation clonoSEQ genetic diagnostic has the potential to detect trace amounts of classical Hodgkin lymphoma that remains in the body following treatment.

Quest joins forces with French health agency for BRCA research initiative

Quest Diagnostics is teaming up with France's national health agency to create an expanded database for breast and ovarian cancer gene research, allowing diagnostics outfits and labs to sift through a trove of genetic information to improve outcomes for patients.

Myriad extends collaboration with BioMarin for cancer companion Dx

Myriad Genetics expanded its partnership with BioMarin Pharmaceutical to use Myriad's myChoice HRD companion diagnostic test to identify which cancer patients are the best fit for BioMarin's talazoparib.

Singapore research team develops new strategy on inflammation cancer targeting

A research team at the National University of Singapore has published a paper on a novel strategy to prevent progression of inflammation-associated cancers.

ACT Genomics ropes in $8M for cancer molecular Dx in first private funding round

Taiwan-based ACT Genomics raked in $8 million in the company's first private funding round, giving the company a boost as it looks to ramp up development for its molecular diagnostic cancer assays.

Roche scoops up Signature Diagnostics to gain ground in next-generation sequencing

Roche snatched up Germany's Signature Diagnostics to get its hands on the company's next-generation sequencing technology, advancing its cancer testing portfolio and riding a wave of recent acquisitions.

Cancer researcher says animal study supports new approach to lung cancer

Oncology investigator Xiaoyang Qi says that he's wrapped another animal study that demonstrates the potential of a combination of cellular components into a treatment that's able to vanquish cancer cells.

UPDATED: Trovagene raises $23M in follow-on share offering for urine-based cancer diagnostic

Trovagene, developer of a urine-based cancer diagnostic, announced last week plans to sell 4,444,444 shares of common stock for $20 million. The San Diego-based company makes technology for detecting cell-free DNA and RNA resulting from diseased cell death in the urine of cancer patients.