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Latest Headlines

J&J joins forces with JDRF for Type 1 diabetes Dx

Johnson & Johnson's Janssen unit is teaming up with nonprofit JDRF to develop new diagnostic approaches for Type 1 diabetes, aiming to identify the disease earlier and curb its progression.

Beta cells produced from stem cells could treat Type 1 diabetes

Scientists from Harvard University have developed a technique that coaxes embryonic stem cells into fully functioning human insulin-producing beta cells, possibly paving the way for less invasive and more permanent treatment options for Type 1 diabetes.

FDA signs off on highly specific Type 1 diabetes biomarker test

The FDA has signed off on a new, highly specific biomarker blood test designed by an Idaho company to quickly spot Type 1 diabetes.

UPenn team IDs potential target for treating Type 1 diabetes

Scientists have identified a key pathway for a gene that dictates a person's predisposition to Type 1 diabetes, a finding that could lead to new treatments for the prevention and control of diabetes and possibly other metabolic-associated diseases.

Type 1 diabetes reversed in mice

Investigators at the University of Cincinnati have used an experimental therapy to essentially reverse the onset of Type 1 diabetes in mouse models.

Low doses of cancer drug prevent Type 1 diabetes in mice

Low doses of a cancer drug may be able to act as a preventive drug against the development of Type 1 diabetes, according to new findings.

Harvard scientists discover hormone that could treat diabetes

Investigators at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute have discovered a hormone with the ability to produce beta cells--the insulin-producing cells found in the pancreas that are lost in diabetes--that could potentially treat type 2 diabetes more effectively.

Biomarkers predict risk of diabetes-related kidney trouble

Doctors have identified several newer biomarkers that appear to predict the onset of a damaging, diabetes-related kidney complication.

Stem cells: A future treatment for Type 1 diabetes?

Researchers in Austria were able to both identify and isolate adult pancreatic stem cells, and then trigger their transformation into functioning, insulin-producing cells that behaved in response to glucose, Medical News Today reports. After initial success in a test tube, the team also generated promising results in mice.

Urine proteomics could pinpoint diabetic nephropathy

German clinical proteomics company Mosaiques Diagnostics, along with researchers from Australia and Europe, is looking at using proteomics to create a urine test to spot diabetic nephropathy, a progressive kidney disease that is a complication of long-term diabetes.