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Latest Headlines

LabCorp's $85M LipoScience buy deepens its dive into personalized Dx tests

LabCorp said it will pay more than $85 million in cash for LipoScience in a bid to grow its own roster of personalized diagnostic tests. The deal, which breaks down to $5.25 per share, is yet another sign that personalized medicine is becoming more ubiquitous in the marketplace.

NIH launches study of 'exceptional responders' to cancer therapies

The National Cancer Institute has launched a three to four year broad-based study of exceptional responders--patients who have had particularly good outcomes on cancer therapies as compared to their peers. The initiative was first considered a few years ago when it started to become easier to determine the molecular basis of why a particular patient's cancer responds to a molecularly targeted drug, but it is only being undertaken now.

GeneCentric grabs $5M Series A to advance testing for personalized cancer treatments

Startup GeneCentric Diagnostics pulled in $5 million in new Series A financing, according to reports from The Herald-Sun and Dow Jones VentureWire, among other media organizations. The money will help the North Carolina startup advance further development of gene-based diagnostic products designed to enable personalized treatments.

Digital medicine company Proteus bags $120M

First there were digital clocks, then digital computers, and now digital medicines. Fierce 15 member Proteus Digital Health raised $120 million in its latest round of funding, the company announced June 2. The round of financing consists of "major institutional investors" from the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Roche's Ventana pairs with Genmab on yet another companion Dx deal

Roche's Ventana Medical Systems will work with Denmark's Genmab to come up with a companion diagnostic test to be paired with a targeted anticancer drug now in development.

GE rolls out a discount cancer imaging system for personalized medicine in India

GE Healthcare has developed a discount molecular imaging system for cancer detection, intended for physicians practicing personalized medicine in emerging markets--especially India, where the devicemaker got help designing the system.

Exosome Diagnostics has $27M to become a 'pillar of personalized medicine' in 2014

Exosome Diagnostics announces this morning it has raised $27 million and will go to market in 2014 with its first fluid-based diagnostic test, a noninvasive urine sample designed to detect prostate cancer without a biopsy.

Guardant Health raises $10M and debuts a new blood Dx for personalized cancer treatment

Fledgling California diagnostics startup Guardant Health has raised $10 million in a round led by Sequoia Capital. With money in hand, it is gearing up to sell a cancer test that depends on blood samples instead of biopsies, backed by next-generation sequencing.

23andMe's genome test raises more questions, this time for ancestry results

The controversial 23andMe Personal Genome Test has demonstrated some interesting ancestry numbers, according to a blogger at  The Unz Review.

Itamar connects with a U.S. nutrition firm to market its home sleep apnea Dx

Thorne Research is putting a recent acquisition in personalized medicine to work, partnering its WellnessFX division with blood diagnostics maker Itamar Medical to market a home test for sleep apnea.