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Developer of injectable osteoarthritis treatment postpones $75M IPO, raises $4M in debt instead

Palo Alto CA's Carbylan Therapeutics is developing a Phase III injectable combination therapy for knee osteoarthritis to compete with Sanofi's offering, but in a setback, its planned $75 million IPO was postponed.

AnaMar rethinks pipeline after analyzing ashes of failed trial

AnaMar has rejigged its pipeline priorities after digging through the data from its failed Phase IIa trial. The trial missed its primary endpoint of reducing pain in people with mild to moderate osteoarthritis pain, but a post hoc subgroup analysis has persuaded AnaMar it was trialling the right drug in the wrong indication.

Microcapsules shuttle promising protein to treat osteoarthritis

Building on years of research into the anti-inflammatory and tissue-repairing properties of the protein molecule C-type natriuretic peptide, investigators in the U.K. say they have managed to overcome one of the hurdles that has prevented its use for treating osteoarthritis.

Nexvet starts pivotal trial of pain-relieving antibody for arthritic dogs

Dublin-based Nexvet Biopharma has become the first company to launch a pivotal clinical trial of a monoclonal antibody (mAb) designed to combat pain in dogs with osteoarthritis.

Two new osteoarthritis biomarkers eyed for predictive Dx

U.K. researchers say they've zeroed in on two new biomarkers that could help predict who will develop osteoarthritis. The hope is that the biomarkers could form the basis of a blood test that enables earlier medical intervention before the condition causes too much damage.

Anika pops after the FDA finally approves its arthritis jab

After two stinging rejections sent it back to the lab, Anika Therapeutics has secured the FDA's blessing for an osteoarthritis pain injection, propelling the biotech's shares up more than 40%.

Merck KGaA scouts for deep-pocketed partners to leverage its R&D budget

The head of the pharma division, Stefan Oschmann, tells the Financial Times that the Darmstadt-based drug developer is looking to stretch its $1.5 billion annual research budget with some additional cost-sharing deals that might include private equity groups as well as other industry partners.

Nektar Therapeutics shares crash on PhII pain drug trial flop

Shares of Nektar Therapeutics took a nasty plunge Thursday evening after the biotech failed to convince investors that the Phase II flop of a top pain drug didn't tarnish the program's promise.

Imprimis to begin osteoarthritis cream PhIII, snags transdermal wound treatment

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals took two major steps this week, gaining approval to begin Phase III clinical trials for its lead osteoarthritis topical cream candidate and getting hold of a novel transdermal treatment for wound management.

NEA backs Cartiva amid osteoarthritis trial

New Enterprise Associates (NEA) has dipped into its ample coffers to provide Cartiva with $4.3 million. The capital infusion backs the startup's ongoing clinical trial of a cartilage replacement implant in patients with osteoarthritis.