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Latest Headlines

Invitae raises $120M to offer cheap, easy genetic analysis

Invitae already provides testing for at least 15 genetic panels associated with particular diseases for $1,500 each with results coming on average in three weeks. Now it's raised $120 million Series F financing round to build-out its testing infrastructure and expand its global presence.

Invitae closes a $40M Series E to go global with genetic testing

Nearing its two-year birthday, Invitae announced the closing of a $40 million late-stage financing Tuesday--funds the San Francisco company says will allow it to expand its genetic test offering into global markets.

Almac banks $9M in diagnostics deal with Genomic Health

Contract developer Almac has signed a deal to license its technology to Genomic Health for breast cancer diagnostics, reaping $9 million with the chance for a bigger payday down the road.

A urine stick may be a quicker, cheaper way to spot prostate cancer

Pee on a stick, and then learn whether you have prostate cancer. That's the gist of a new, inexpensive test UC Irvine researchers have developed that would use urine instead of blood to screen for prostate cancer.

Genomic Health rolls out new prostate cancer Dx

Genomic Health launched its prostate cancer diagnostic this week with great fanfare, backed by seven studies including over 1,100 patients. The challenge ahead: convincing men that results telling them they can wait for more drastic and expensive treatment options are to be believed.

Next-gen prostate cancer Dx faces skepticism, competition

Myriad Genetics and Genomic Health lead the bill of companies introducing new prostate cancer diagnostics that promise to change the standard of care, but as the market crowds, payers may balk at the cost while physicians struggle to decide which test is best.

Genomic Health, OncoMed to pursue companion diagnostics

Genomic Health and OncoMed Pharmaceuticals have an agreement to identify new biomarkers useful for future companion diagnostics that would go along with OncoMed's cancer drugs now in development.

UnitedHealth lobbies for molecular Dx management

With use of molecular diagnostics tests widely expected to skyrocket in the coming decade, UnitedHealth Group is getting increasingly nervous about the trend and looking for ways to manage their use and expense.

Next-gen sequencing pinpoints breast cancer biomarkers

Next-generation sequencing (NGS)--faster and cheaper genome sequencing--has revolutionized the search for genes connected with disease, and each week more DNA- and RNA-based biomarkers are found. In