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Latest Headlines

Israeli colon capsule maker reels in $24M in IPO and private placement

Israeli diagnostic outfit Check-Cap raised $24 million in an initial public offering and a simultaneous private placement, giving the company a boost as it looks to develop its disposable imaging capsules for colorectal cancer screening.

Exact Sciences wins FDA approval and more for next-gen colon cancer test

Exact Sciences gained FDA premarket approval for its new, cutting-edge colorectal cancer screening test. It is also well ahead in the insurance reimbursement battle.

Exact Sciences raises nearly $120M, focused on a hoped-for 2014 launch of its colon cancer Dx

Exact Sciences President and CEO Kevin Conroy previously promised that 2014 will be all about getting the company's Cologuard colon cancer test to market. Now, the company will be armed with close to $120 million to get the job done.

Exact Sciences' and Epigenomics' colon cancer tests clear FDA panel with mixed results

Two diagnostics companies hoping to improve the rate of early-stage colon cancer detection made it past an FDA panel of experts in late March with mixed results.

A massive review reaffirms fecal test's place in colon cancer Dx

Scientists continue to push for the development of a more precise, sensitive and cleaner colorectal cancer diagnostic. Now a research team has determined that a simple, at-home test already on the market is highly accurate.

Exact will make its case on March 27 for FDA approval of a colon cancer Dx

Exact Sciences goes before an FDA panel of experts on March 27 to argue for approval of its new stool-based colorectal cancer diagnostic. But it may not be an easy sell.

VolitionRx, heartened by early data, shifts to multiple colorectal cancer Dx studies

VolitionRx is focusing next on a massive European clinical trial of its new colorectal cancer blood test in the wake of promising preliminary results from a smaller study in Germany. Success in the coming months will help support the company's plans to pursue a CE mark in 2014 and FDA approval the year after.

Quest unloads colon cancer Dx business as revamp marches on

Quest Diagnostics' ongoing revamp continued this week with news that an Australian company has snatched up its colorectal cancer screening test business. Neither side is commenting on the financial details.

Given posts record revenue on path to FDA nod

Israel's Given Imaging notched a best-ever second quarter, nearly doubling its net profit and increasing revenue by 11% as it wins more and more approvals for the PillCam.

Given Imaging's PillCam Colon capsule wins Japanese approval

Given Imaging now has Japan's regulatory sign-off for its new endoscopic pill camera, creating a new avenue for revenue growth in the world's second largest healthcare market.