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Latest Headlines

FDA approves breath test for stomach disorder, highlights its ease of use over standard of care

The FDA just approved a diagnostic for a troublesome stomach disorder that is easy to perform and does not use radioactive materials.

Researchers inch closer to breath test for lung cancer

A biomarker detectable in the breath of lung cancer patients holds promise for an accurate diagnostic, and researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have taken another stride toward making that a reality.

Elevated carbon monoxide levels in breath can point to infection

Elevated levels of carbon monoxide in breath can help diagnose bacterial and other infections, scientists at the University of California, Irvine, believe. Interestingly, technology designed to test for air pollution led to the finding.

Breath biomarkers could breathe life into lung cancer tests

Researchers from Israel and the U.S. have brought the possibility of a lung cancer breath test a step closer by seeing whether profiles of chemicals in the breath can split the difference between cancerous and non-cancerous nodules in the lung.

Markers from breast could predict weight loss surgery outcome

Gastric bypass surgery is only recommended for weight loss as a last resort after diet and exercise have failed. While the operations can be wildly successful, they don't work for everyone, there is

A new generation of powerful breath tests detect diseases

The New York Times tells us about a new generation of "breathalyzers" that will be able to detect markers for diseases through puffs of exhaled air. "There are clear signatures in the breath for