UCLA, Harvard and others identify possible TB biomarker

There's a new biomarker in the mix that could help diagnose patients at high risk for tuberculosis and lead to targeted treatments to combat it.

Roche's Ventana expands infrastructure in Arizona

Roche's Ventana Medical Systems is building a new distribution center in Arizona and plans to generate additional jobs in the process.

FDA signs off on highly specific Type 1 diabetes biomarker test

The FDA has signed off on a new, highly specific biomarker blood test designed by an Idaho company to quickly spot Type 1 diabetes.

Flagship Biosciences and Sarepta will automate muscular dystrophy biomarker detection

Tissue-based companion diagnostics company Flagship Biosciences said it will join with Sarepta Therapeutics to automate and quicken measurement of a key biomarker for muscular dystrophy.

Illumina, AstraZeneca, Janssen and Sanofi to pursue universal companion Dx test

Illumina has inked deals with three major Big Pharma companies with a goal of developing a universal gene-sequencing companion diagnostic test system focused on cancer.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences to build U.S. headquarters in MA

GE Healthcare Life Sciences will locate its new U.S. headquarters in Marlborough, MA, hire at least 220 people and staff the facility with 500 employees.

LabCorp jumps into prenatal Dx market already packed with rivals

LabCorp is stepping up with a new noninvasive prenatal genetic screening test, adding some large-company muscle to a market already packed with a number of rival assays.

Cancer Genetics boosts Medicare coverage for DNA-based cancer Dx

Cancer Genetics isn't making money yet. But the New Jersey developer of DNA-based cancer diagnostics closed out its 2014 second quarter with smaller losses, some strategic acquisitions and a biomarker development partnership with AstraZeneca.

Two tests better than one to spot harmful mold infection

Aspergillus is a mold that infects the respiratory system and can lead to serious illness or death in patients with weakened immune systems. Researchers believe they've found the ideal combination of tests for early, effective diagnosis.

Blood test for drug-resistant malaria strain shows promise

A group of researchers from Thailand, the U.K. and elsewhere have developed a blood test that can identify people who have drug-resistant malaria.

Investors become ambivalent to Biocept's Dx commercialization plans

Biocept recently released its 2014 second-quarter earnings as well as a corresponding update on the company's progress. Its results, which include much higher losses, highlight the molecular diagnostics player's aggressive strategy to achieve commercial success, and how far away it is from actually getting there.

Protagen rolls out autoimmune disease test for research use

Germany's Protagen said it is rolling out its first diagnostic test kit for systemic sclerosis, a rheumatic disease in which autoimmune-induced inflammation, fibrosis and blood vessel disorders can harm a patient's organs and eventually cause death.

Novartis, LabCorp and more back Seventh Sense Biosystems' latest financing

Seventh Sense Biosystems has been quiet these last several months. But now the maker of painless blood collection and diagnostic tech is making some noise, having scored a healthy new round of venture financing.

Exact Sciences wins FDA approval and more for next-gen colon cancer test

Exact Sciences gained FDA premarket approval for its new, cutting-edge colorectal cancer screening test. It is also well ahead in the insurance reimbursement battle.

GE Healthcare vet to take on Biocept's Dx reimbursement strategy

Biocept is bringing on a veteran GE Healthcare and Quest Diagnostics executive to guide the company's insurance reimbursement and medical contract strategy.

Northern Ireland outfit advances a rapid but inexpensive heart attack test

A company based in Northern Ireland is advancing a rapid blood test to screen for a heart attack, allowing for doctors to more quickly treat affected patients. Randox Health's low-cost diagnostic has shown promise in early testing.

Oxford Immunotec grabs remnants of Colorado rival for a bargain

In the year since Oxford Immunotec Global successfully went public to propel the rollout of its new tuberculosis test, the company has carved out time for a strategic acquisition, and it's a relative bargain.

Four biomarkers open door to possible esophageal cancer Dx

A U.S. research team has made progress toward creating a biomarker blood test that can detect esophageal cancer on the early side, a major need in order to combat the lethal disease.

FDA authorizes emergency use of military-developed Ebola test

A test-tube diagnostic developed by the U.S. military to screen for a specific strain of the Ebola virus has gained FDA authorization for emergency use.

Exosome Diagnostics replaces CEO and relocates as it preps for commercialization

Exosome Diagnostics will advance its prostate cancer urine test to market with a new CEO and a change in locale to one of the biggest biotech clusters in the world.