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Ysios is optimistic about diagnostic and device investments in 2014

We all know that med tech venture funding declined in 2013 in an ongoing trend in which those numbers have fallen for years. But we've seen some signs of VC life, and yes, even optimism, in 2014. Among the optimists: Barcelona venture capital firm Ysios Capital.

Given Imaging's CEO contemplates his future as Covidien's $860M buy nears its close

Given Imaging's FDA clearance for its PillCam Colon endoscopy capsule earlier in February will likely be the Israeli company's last big milestone as an independent entity, and possibly under Homi Shamir, its president and CEO.

FierceDiagnostics welcomes FierceBiomarkers readers

Welcome to another great issue of FierceDiagnostics, our first since we merged at the end of 2013 with FierceBiomarkers. I want to assure our new and existing readers that you will still be getting the nuanced and dedicated coverage that you've grown accustomed to getting from Fierce, as the combined publication benefits both our diagnostics and biomarkers readers.

In tough funding times, Xagenic's detailed Dx work drew plenty of VC

Xagenic has scored something that few diagnostics startups were able to accomplish in 2013: significant early-stage venture financing. An $18.8 million Series B round, to be exact, after an impressive $10 million Series A in January 2012.

Important note for readers: FierceBiomarkers is now FierceDiagnostics

Starting this January, FierceBiomarkers is merging with its sister publication, FierceDiagnostics. FierceDiagnostics will retain its name and brand, but coverage will expand to include the use of biomarkers as they relate to the broader diagnostics industry.

FierceDiagnostics launches as the industry surges

This week, we launch our latest newsletter: FierceDiagnostics. And I'll be editing and writing the publication in the weeks ahead.

New biweekly email newsletter frequency

Effective today, FierceBiomarkers email newsletter subscribers will receive the publication once every other week. Your next issue will arrive Dec. 19. We're planning big things at FierceMarkets...

Biomarkers making a difference in clinical trials

Biomarkers play a major role in personalized medicine, supporting diagnosis and identifying those patients who are (or aren't) likely to respond, and supporting drugs through clinical trials.

Protein biomarkers: Here's a view from Sweden

Ulf Landegren, professor of molecular medicine at Uppsala University and vice chair of the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab), spoke with FierceBiomarkers at the HandsOn: Biobanks meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, giving a taste of his views and his work in protein biomarkers. Here is a snapshot of the conversation.

Genetic biomarkers and the frets of the 'worried well'

As genetic tests become more widely available, some people are concerned that they are swelling the ranks and the anxiety levels of the "worried well"--the healthy people who visit the doctor to get reassurance, and can now get online genetic tests to confirm or assuage their worries.