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Autism diagnosis could become clearer with sound/sight response screening

Researchers have come up with a diagnostic approach that they say could improve how autism is both identified and classified. The new technique, developed by a team at the Yeshiva University's Albert Einstein College of Medicine, joins a number of efforts with a goal of finding better ways to spot and treat the condition.

Japan approves Infraredx's intravascular ultrasound Dx imaging device

Infraredx isn't a big company yet. But the Massachusetts maker of an intravascular imaging system designed to help diagnose and manage coronary artery disease continues to meet major goals for international expansion. The latest: Japan's regulators granted approval for its signature device.

Trinity Biotech expects FDA submission in early 2015 for heart failure Dx

Ireland's Trinity Biotech gained a CE mark for its new heart failure point-of-care diagnostic and is now turning its sights toward the U.S. regulatory process within the next few months.

J&J, others join $6.5M funding round for U.K. liquid biopsy company

The U.K.'s Inivata raised more than $6.5 million in new financing to help advance its use of circulating tumor DNA to improve cancer testing and treatment.

T2 Biosystems gains FDA signoff for time-saving Candida Dx

T2 Biosystems, a month after launching its IPO, won FDA approval to market a new kind of test to quickly identify Candida, a bloodstream infection that can cause sepsis.