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  • What's next for next-gen sequencing? Everything.

    More than a few presentations at the JP Morgan Healthcare conference this week sought to address the future of next-generation sequencing, particularly with the huge waves of related news. Foundation Medicine sold half its company to Roche for up to $1.2 billion and NantHealth is already being used in most cancer centers to guide treatment with a whopping $1.5 billion already spent to get it there and another $800 million raised in the last 6 months. Read more >>

Sequenom strikes a deal with Cypher Genomics to develop advanced noninvasive prenatal test

Sequenom is teaming up with Cypher Genomics to develop a noninvasive prenatal test using the company's advanced genome interpretation screening technology, eyeing a bigger share of an increasingly competitive market.

Roche's Ventana inches closer to FDA approval for lung cancer companion Dx

Roche's Ventana Medical Systems has submitted its companion diagnostic test for ALK1-positive lung cancer for FDA approval, inching the company closer to full regulatory approval for the product and helping it gain ground in a fiercely competitive cancer diagnostics market.

SV Bio changes name to Lifecode, plans rollout of NGS cancer assay

Alongside the launch of a next generation sequencing-based oncology assay, Silicon Valley Biosystems is also rolling out a new name to reflect its mission of providing practical genetic information to patients.

Abbott Labs continues Dx winning streak with bladder cancer biomarker deal

Abbott Laboratories' diagnostics unit charted sizable gains in 2014, and the company is continuing its upward momentum in the new year with an exclusive licensing deal with the Institut Curie.

Myriad joins forces with Institut Pasteur for TB diagnostic research project

Myriad Genetics is teaming up with the Institut Pasteur for a research project to address the growing tuberculosis (TB) epidemic, continuing the company's diagnostics winning streak and expanding its global footprint.


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The ripple effects from last week's Teva v. Sandoz ruling have begun. The U.S. Supreme Court sent three patent fights back to a lower court in light of that ruling, which ordered the Federal Circuit Court to defer to district-level findings on patent claims unless a "clear error" had been made.