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QuantuMDx teams up with Swiss nonprofit to develop handheld TB test

QuantuMDx is teaming up with a Swiss nonprofit organization to develop its handheld test for tuberculosis, building momentum for a full commercial rollout of its innovative diagnostic tool.

Nanosphere reels in $18.4M in stock sale

Molecular diagnostics developer Nanosphere reeled in $18.4 million in a stock sale with the proceeds slotted to be used for general corporate purposes and working capital.

'See-through' sensors for the brain are transparent to imaging diagnostics

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have come up with an implantable sensor so thin that scientists studying the brain can see through it using a wide range of imaging technologies.

FDA grants bioMérieux emergency authorization for one-hour Ebola Dx

BioFire, a subsidiary of French diagnostics outfit bioMérieux, was granted emergency authorization from the FDA for two of its Ebola tests.

Johns Hopkins scientists develop real-time diagnostic system for drug-resistant bacteria

Amid the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs in hospital systems and facilities, scientists at Johns Hopkins are developing a real-time tracking system that could quickly diagnose and monitor antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections.


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A panel of FDA advisers voted in favor of approving Daiichi Sankyo's irregular heartbeat treatment edoxaban, heralding its ability to break up blood clots and improving the company's odds of finally launching the drug in the U.S.


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