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  • Illumina slaps Roche's Ariosa with a prenatal testing IP suit

    San Diego's Illumina announced that it is filing a patent infringement suit against Roche's Ariosa Diagnostics and its microarray-based Harmony Prenatal Test. The gene sequencing company accuses Ariosa of violating its '794 patent, called "Multiplex Nucleic Acid Reactions."

Cypher teams up with biotech titan Celgene for companion diagnostics collaboration

San Diego's Cypher Genomics has attracted the attention of a biotech legionnaire, teaming up with industry heavyweight Celgene for a companion diagnostics project aimed at uncovering genetic biomarkers that help match patients to a suitable therapy.

Broad Institute gets $10M to study genetics of cancer drug resistance

MIT and Harvard's collaborative Broad Institute just received a $10 million gift from the Gerstner Family Foundation to conduct research into cancer-resistant drugs using gene-editing technology and blood-based tumor biopsies.

OncoCyte ropes in $7M for cancer diagnostic R&D

OncoCyte reeled in $7 million in financing to support development of its cancer diagnostic tools, adding fuel to its engine as the company ramps up operations and R&D for its lead products.

Roche snags FDA CLIA waiver for rapid Strep A test

Roche got an FDA CLIA waiver for its rapid Strep A test, opening the door to expanded use of the product months after the agency signed off on the test.

Abbott strikes companion Dx deal with AstraZeneca for severe asthma therapy

Abbott is teaming up with biotech heavyweight AstraZeneca to develop companion diagnostic tests for the company's investigational asthma therapy, a potentially fruitful alliance as Abbott rides the tailwinds of promising diagnostic sales.


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The speculation is building this week that Pfizer will either attempt another megadeal with GlaxoSmithKline or another run on AstraZeneca. Either would cut Pfizer's tax rate and give it some products to salve its various ills, lackluster stock price and poor performing portfolio. But the new thinking, like in the last 24 hours, is that smaller deals, perhaps a buyout of Shire or even Perrigo, or both, are better bets.


Boston Scientific revealed more details about its leadless pacemaker program, as it seeks to join Medtronic and St. Jude Medical in that market (which does not yet exist in the U.S., where the devices are still being investigated).