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OncoCyte rolls out massive trial for bladder cancer Dx

OncoCyte is vastly expanding testing of its urine-based bladder cancer diagnostic with the launch of a multisite clinical trial involving up to 1,200 patient samples.

Biomarker blood test could help prevent neural tube birth defects

A global team of researchers believe they've developed a blood test that could prevent neural tube birth defects such as spina bifida.

In Q2, diagnostics venture investment showed some signs of life

This summer, venture investment trends have given the medical diagnostics industry reason for at least a little optimism.

Epic Sciences' CTC cancer tests again draw Roche, Pfizer to investor table

California's Epic Sciences nailed down $30 million in new financing it plans to use to commercialize tests that can detect circulating tumor cells during a patient's treatment, allowing for a more personalized cancer treatment as the disease evolves.

Japan's Konica Minolta, New Jersey Dx outfit to develop heart attack rapid blood test

Japanese tech giant Konica Minolta sealed an agreement with a New Jersey diagnostics outfit to develop a test that can rapidly detect early cardiac muscle tissue damage after heart attacks strike.